In 2000 Ann went to Cuba for the first time and fell in love… with the music and the people. She got tremendous support from the generous teachers in the National School for the Arts. For two weeks each year she had the wonderful experience of being in a top musical conservatory, studying piano and Cuban music blossomed into a mature musician.

 By 2004 Ann was composing pieces and had found her lifelong dream. Her artistic goal is to compose and perform music that has movement to it and is representative of her life experience. In recent years, she has discovered her artistry in musical composition and find that people respond to the genuineness and expression in the music she composes and the way in which she plays it.

 Her music was recorded in 2014 in the debut album by Clave Gringa, “Para Cuba con Amor” and in the second recording “Joy” in 2019. You can find Ann performing with Clave Gringa and other groups in the Seattle/Puget Sound region.

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